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Toddler Speech Info:
Talking With Toddlers
Easy Winter Activities

  Winter is here and everyone has to keep busy inside!  If you are looking for
something to do with your toddler and have run out of ideas……here are 10 things you can
do to help pass the time while you are waiting for Spring!

  1. Cut pictures from magazines and make a collage with glue and construction     
    paper. Talk about the pictures as you are cutting and gluing.
  2. Fold clothes together…sort into piles (i.e. socks, towels, shirts, pants)  Name the
    items and you can even get in some numbers (two socks, three towels etc.)
  3. Sing classic children’s songs together. Do some actions that go along with the song
    (itsy bitsy spider, wheels on the bus, twinkle-twinkle…or other personal favorites)
  4. Look at a picture book about snow or winter.  (The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
    is a good one)
  5. Sit on the floor and roll a ball, or a car back and forth.  (Wait until your child says
    or does something to signal his turn).
  6. Cut out footprint outlines and place them around the house.  Talk about where your
    footprints lead you.
  7. Look at family pictures together.  Practice saying everyone’s name or pointing when
    you say the name.
  8. Move fast and slow as your perform a variety of actions. (waving, shaking
    hands/head, turning around)
  9. Make a snowflake out of paper. (you use the scissors of course) Hang it in the
    window.  Talk about the steps as you do them (i.e. fold, cut, hang, pretty).
  10. Play at the kitchen sink with a variety of unbreakable containers and squeeze
    bottles.  (kind of messy but fun).  Talk about water (warm, cold) pour, splash etc.