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Toddler Speech Info:
Talking With Toddlers
    Carrier Phrases –These are phrases that are often “hooked up” with a lot of different
items and give them greater variety in expressing their wants and needs.
Agent + Action + Object
I throw ball                     (name) pet dog                      I cut paper
dad push car                    (name) wear shirt                   (name) ride horse
mom read book                  I hear music                       (name) paint picture
you pour juice                   I do it                             (name or I)ride bike
(name)kiss baby                  (name) hit me                       you hide shoe
I eat cereal                      boy watch t.v.                      I find shoe
mom wash dish                  you hug bear        
dad run here                      you push swing up                knock on door        
block fall down                    put foot on step                   hide under table
I go potty                         I hide under chair                 take shoes off
put cup there                      pull pants up                      put soap in water
we go home                       splash in water                   you go to bed
mom talk on phone                 pick up toys                      bear on chair        
Descriptive words
Comb your hair                I ride blue bike                my head hurts
Want more juice               I see big truck                you have two cookies
I have clean hands              my toy broke                 car goes fast

After your child is using 3-4 word phrases his language will develop fairly rapidly
and he should be well on his way to being a good communicator.