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Toddler Speech Info:
Talking With Toddlers

 Summer seems FOREVER in coming….but as the days get longer you may be looking
for some things you can do with your toddler. If you’re like me, you, haven’t even put the
winter clothes away much less had time to think about new activities. So here are 15
things you can do with a minimum of preparation……..

  1. Sit on the porch and listen to noises outside.  Talk about what you hear. (remember:
    don’t ask—What’s that, what’s that, just talk about what you hear and wait for your
    child to respond).
  2. Find a box.. practice putting things in and out.  Can be done outside in the yard…put
    outdoor things in and out (sandbox shovels, balls, small cars, ect.) Get in and out
    yourself as well.  Talk about “in and out”.
  3. Look for flowers in your yard.  Talk about the names and the colors. Don’t ask your
    toddler “what color?” just say the color and encourage him to imitate or vocalize
    after your comment.
  4. Look in a closet with a flashlight…Talk about what you find.
  5. Make pudding or jello.  Talk about the things that go in, stirring, the thickness,
    where it goes before you can eat it etc…
  6. Whisper back and forth when asking for things at lunch or dinner.
  7. Look in a magazine.  Find pictures of things people are doing (walking, eating,
    running, driving, swimming) Put the pictures in a photo album and “read” it again
  8. Find a favorite animal book.  Practice making the sounds they make. Find         
    animals in your yard and make those sounds (squirrel, cat, dog, bird).
  9. Collect some sticks that have fallen from the trees.  Decide which ones are big and
    which ones are little.
  10. Make a tent outside from a blanket.  Have a snack inside. Talk about being “under”,
    “cozy”, “in”, “out” “picnic”, “eat”, “drink”, etc.
  11. Sit on the front porch and watch the cars go by.  Name the colors and something
    else about them (big, small, old, new , fast slow)
  12. Fill a small inexpensive pool.  Collect containers from the kitchen (butter tubs, syrup
    bottles, water bottles, plastic cups). Practice pouring.  See how water fills some
    things but spills over others.  Talk about pouring, spilling, cold water, wet, warm,
    sun, dry.
  13. Take a walk in the neighborhood after dinner.  See who is outside and say their
    names if you know them.  Notice who is riding bikes, riding in a wagon, playing
    with a ball etc.  Name the people and actions.
  14. Go to a neighborhood park and swing on the swings.  Talk about back and forth,
    push, high, low.
  15. Read the same bedtime story every night for a week.  Just describe the pictures
    and name them.  Encourage pointing, naming, commenting or just listening.

HAVE FUN ! ! !