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Toddler Speech Info:
Talking With Toddlers
Now that the weather is getting warmer and you can begin to do things outside,
here are some simple activities to get you thinking.

  1. Use chalk to draw on the sidewalk.  You can make pictures for your child and
    name them.  Things like: flower, car, kitty, face with eyes, nose, mouth.  Your
    child can scribble or make marks like you.
  2. Play with a ball in the back yard.  Use words like throw, kick, up, roll, my turn,
    your turn, bounce, high, far, me, you.
  3. On a windy day make or buy a pinwheel or make streamers out of paper or
    ribbon.  See it blow in the wind.  Talk about the other things the wind blows,
    leave on trees, hair, clouds.
  4. Have watermelon for a snack.  Count some of the seeds. Do not expect your
    child to count.  He can imitate some of the counting words.
  5. Play car wash with a riding toy.  Talk about wet, dry, hose, soap, scrub, wash,
    all done, clean.
  6. Pick some flowers and press them in the phone book.  Look at them later.  You
    can make a picture with them or just look and talk about flat, dry.
  7. Tape a leaf to paper and help your child to outline it.  Take the leaf away and
    look at it. talk about how it’s the same and how its different.  Color the leaf.
  8. Take pictures of the family outside doing something. Collect the pictures and put
    them in a photo album (the kind you get from the dollar store!).  Talk about the
    pictures…Don’t ask questions…..just make comments.
  9. Look at animal pictures in a book.  Decide if you can see them in your yard or
    at the zoo.  You can make the sounds too.
  10. Water the flowers with the hose.  Talk about how plants need to drink too.  
    Afterwards, have some juice or lemonade.


Mary Mossman
Speech/Language Pathologist