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Toddler Speech Info:
Talking With Toddlers

Welcome to "Talking With Toddlers"

    This is an informational site designed to offer parents of
children 0-3 information on language  and speech development. This
site offers interaction strategies you can use with your child to
promote good language and speech learning.  It also offers guides
which will help the parent gain  awareness of potential problem areas
which might be discussed with a pediatrician. This site also provides
some information on general speech development related topics.

    The information presented is drawn from a number of
Speech/Language Pathologists, Psychologists, and educators.  No one
particular research method, therapy model, or approach is endorsed
by this site.  Rather, it is a presentation of guides and information I
have gathered or developed throughout my career as a
Speech/Language Pathologist. No one research method, therapy model
or  approach in endorsed on this site, rather it is  information
incorporated into my particular style of Speech Therapy which was
generally considered within the scope of “best practice: in the field  of
Speech/Language Pathology

-Mary Mossman M.A. Speech/Language Pathologist