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10 fun fall activities
 Summer is over and in many places colder weather is on the way.  You might find
that there are times when you might be looking for something to do with your child
now that you are indoors more.  There are lots of ways to celebrate the change in
seasons so here are 10 things you can do to get you started.  child busy, so here are
10 ideas to get you started.

  1. Make cookies with faces (m&m’s or chocolate chips, or refrigerator cookies that
    have smile faces or jack-o-lantern faces).  Talk about the facial parts as you
    make them and eat them.
  2. Look at a picture book.  Name the actions, people and things in the book. Wait
    for your child to point, vocalize or name something after you do. Make up your
    own story rather than reading the words that are on the page.
  3. Go for a walk outside “swish” through the leaves. Talk about the sound it
    makes.  Pick up some fallen leaves. Talk about the colors.  Remember don’t
    “require” that your child name the colors, just talk about them.
  4. Count the tables in the house.  Find the biggest and the smallest.
  5. Count your arms, legs, feet and hands in the bath-tub as you wash.
  6. Play some music and make up funny dances.
  7. Look for pictures of animals in books or magazines.  Make the sound it makes.
  8. Tap wooden and metal spoons on a pot. Notice the different way it sounds.
  9. Have fun getting in and out of a big box.
  10. Cut toast into different shapes (circle square, triangle). Talk about the different
    shapes as you eat them